About Us:

When you mention the city Boston, it's not hard to think of the long Irish history forged from the city's beginnings. From one beginning to the next it was evident that one of Ireland's premier roofing and cladding contractors was the perfect fit to open shop in this great city. Rowland Roofing & Cladding has a long history of both quality roofing and metal panel installations. Now with an office set up to serve the greater New England region Rowland Roofing is looking forward to installing the next single-ply roof or metal wall/ roof system on your building or next project. Rowland Roofing has put a management team in place with over a half century of experience


Our Team:

Paul Rowland - President

For over 25 years, Paul has been directly involved in the commercial roofing industry both in the field and as President and owner of Rowland Roofing. 


Peter Hosmer - Senior Estimator

For over 30 years, Peter has worked in the commercial roofing industry. Peter has had the opportunity to work on all sides of the industry; with a roofing manufacturer, Distributor and the bulk of his time as an Estimator for Roofing Contractors which include his current position.

peterh@rowland-roofing.com/ (m) 617.455.2386